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Mission Statement

The Global Studies Academy at ANS enables students to become independent thinkers, globally minded citizens, environmentally conscious individuals, ethical leaders, and active participants in their community and world.

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Program Description

The goal of the Global Studies Academy is to broaden the educational experience of our high school students beyond the traditional classroom setting by enabling students enrolled in the program to become more globally minded citizens who actively participate in the world around them. The Global Studies Academy prepares students to become open-minded, well-informed global citizens who are ready to pursue their interests in the world beyond high school.

Students enrolled in the Global Studies Academy are required to take courses focused on global issues, participate in at least one international travel experience organized by ANS, and complete A Community Capstone Project prior to graduation. Students who meet the Global Studies Academy’s requirements will receive a Global Studies Certificate upon graduation from ANS.

Course offerings within the Global Studies Academy are aligned with the ANS Core Values of Intellectual Curiosity, Global Awareness, Innovation and Creativity, Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility and Respect for Self and Others. ANS is committed to using innovative teaching techniques to enhance the learning environment and strives toward an ideal where teachers collaborate with students in the learning process.

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Global Community Capstone Project

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