#MeToo + Golden Globes

The 75th Golden Globes hosted at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California broadcasted live on January 7, 2018, had one thing that had made it stand out over previous years: the all-black attire. The…

paradise papers

Paradise Papers

  An Overview In November 5, 2017, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) released the 13.4 million financial collection files known as The Paradise Papers. The ICIJ partnered with 95 media files explored the…


French Ban on Cellphones in Schools

Nine out of 10 children under the age of 16 have a mobile phone, according to research done by the research center, Stewart Group. In France, when students go back to school next fall in…



To be or not to be? ACT or SAT? Most colleges accept both the ACT and the SAT, but choosing the test that complements your strengths can boost your admission chances. There are still common…

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2017’s Top Luxury Brands

It’s the end of the year, and that only means one thing: we get to do rankings, and what better thing to rank but this year’s best luxury brands. This year had many different competitors,…

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Chad, the Hero we Need but do not Deserve

Since the beginning of its creation, America is synonymous with freedom. People came to the land of opportunity looking for better lives. But of course, leave it to California to go ahead and try to…


Sicab Horse Fair

A little under a month ago, Seville Spain was home to the SICAB fair. Sicab fair is a very prestigious event in the world of PRE horses, where only a few are selected to go…


Is ‘Bitcoin’ Really Safe?

On November 30th, virtual currency ‘bitcoin’ reached almost $10,000, up from the original start price of $1.00 at it’s start in 2010.  Expectations that additional demand will flow into the market is pushing up prices….