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2017’s Top Luxury Brands

It’s the end of the year, and that only means one thing: we get to do rankings, and what better thing to rank but this year’s best luxury brands. This year had many different competitors,…

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Chad, the Hero we Need but do not Deserve

Since the beginning of its creation, America is synonymous with freedom. People came to the land of opportunity looking for better lives. But of course, leave it to California to go ahead and try to…


Sicab Horse Fair

A little under a month ago, Seville Spain was home to the SICAB fair. Sicab fair is a very prestigious event in the world of PRE horses, where only a few are selected to go…


Is ‘Bitcoin’ Really Safe?

On November 30th, virtual currency ‘bitcoin’ reached almost $10,000, up from the original start price of $1.00 at it’s start in 2010.  Expectations that additional demand will flow into the market is pushing up prices….


Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Code

Monday, December 4, 2017, was the 50th anniversary of coding for kids. The first coding language for kids was created by Seymour Paper and researchers at MIT, called Logo. Logo helped kids develop skills in…


Olympic Pools Named After Michele Richardson

The Central American games are underway from December 3-17 and the Nicaraguan government has built a new sports center complete with Olympic-sized pools. These pools have been named after ANS’s own Michele Richardson. For the…


El Güegüense: A Nicaraguan Tradition

El Güegüense is a satirical drama written in the seventeenth century during the colonization era. During this time, somewhere in the streets of Nicaragua in some colonnial city, the comedy play were being interpreted by…


High Cost of Going Abroad For College

Of 15 countries surveyed, there was a dramatic increase in interest in international education, even though it is very expensive. The survey was recently sent out by HSBC bank to track the percentage of parents…