Our Hero

The infamous saying “not all heroes wear capes”, has been proven credible throughout history. We have had the amazing opportunity of having a perfect example of a hero with us at the ANS community in…

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The Mental in Environmental!

By: Andrea Barberena & Isabella Conti (11th) Ms. Kelsie Fowler, 12th grade Environmental Science teacher and MUN advisor, was chosen as Teacher of the Month this November. “It feels weird being teacher of the month,”…


Melissa the Determined

10th grade student of the month award goes to… Melissa Maltes! Melissa, who feels accomplished after being honored with such award, is a sociable and smart tenth grader. In her eyes, she still has a…


Mr. Creal: A Literary Legend

Mr. Nicholas Creal, the 10th grade English and Global Studies teacher, was announced as teacher of the month for September. His perseverance, skills, and passion for teaching earned him this award and the respect and admiration…

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A Window Into The Ideas Of Our High School Director

A Window Into The Ideas Of Our High School Director Analyssa Balladares and Massiel Flores 11th grade   Our very own Texan in Nicaragua narrates his experiences with educating children and teens around the world….


The Book Worm

  by Fernando Ortiz, Winni Yeh, and Samantha Chung (11th grade) Mr.Creal is a world literature and world film teacher. He felt that becoming an English teacher was the best option for him. He spent…

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Many people remember her as the teacher who kissed the fish twice. Her name is Monica Schneiderman. She is the Algebra II teacher for 10th graders, the AP Calculus for 12th graders, and also the…

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Ms. Yun, or laoshi, as many of her students call her, is the Chinese teacher at the American Nicaraguan School. Last school year, she was named as the teacher of the year; this proves that…