Pep Squad – Ready for AASCA


This year I decided to join the Pep squad, basically a cheer club. We attend most events in the school and we cheer. Right now, we are getting ready for one of the most exciting weeks since the beginning of the school year, AASCA. Andrea Manzanares, an ANS alumna, has come to school several times […]

AASCA…Around the Corner!

Soccer Colegio Americano (43 of 79) (2)
As everyone knows, the American Nicaraguan School is hosting the AASCA soccer 2017! Make sure to be prepared on February 15-18 to watch the games! Our school has shown amazing support and the PTO has worked diligently to acknowledge the hard work of…

DALE Nicaragua

dale nicaragua
DALE Nicaragua is an academic organization simulating the Organization of American States government. The purpose of the DALE is to develop student leadership, improve knowledge, and promote the principle of tolerance. Students debate and discuss the problems of our society and look for…

Habitat for Humanity: Painting Eco-toilets

IMG_3932 (2)
Members of the club Habitat for Humanity went on a trip to San Cayetano to paint the eco-bathrooms of that community. When we arrived, a number of Habitat volunteers greeted us and explained the cause and what we would be doing throughout the…

Senior Capstone Spotlight: Mental Health Awareness

Denisse Flores, a current senior, noticed the lack of mental health awareness in our community and in our school; however, she was unsure about whether to pursue this idea about raising mental awareness for her Capstone Project. Yet, due to certain events that…

Let’s Prepare To Show Tiger Spirit For AASCA!

With AASCA Soccer coming up, we encourage ANS members to learn our NEW chants in support of our school! AASCA starts February 15 and ends February 18th, making it important for us to prepare to be our team’s #1 fans. This Wednesday, February…

Come Celebrate Chinese New Year!

The American Nicaraguan School invites you to celebrate the Chinese New Year on January 30, 2017! Every year, our Chinese teacher, Ms.Yun and her students organize this fantastic Chinese festival. On this day, the school has the opportunity to experience some of the…

Operation Smile: Winter Wonderland

This past Tuesday, December 6, 2016, Operation Smile led a festival called Winter Wonderland. This event took place in the CAA at 4:30pm, with an entry cost of 50 cords. There were several fun activities including games, such as: a picture with Santa,…

Presentaciones Vanguardistas

Los estudiantes de doceavo grado tuvieron la oportunidad de  conocer y presentar sobre autores vanguardistas y compartirlo con varios estudiantes y profesores en el Colegio Americano. Las presentaciones y desempeño que pusieron cada uno de los estudiantes fue extraordinaria ya que tuvieron que…

Pink Club Fashion Show

For the first time, both Lincoln International and the American School organized an event together: the Pink Club Fashion Show. The purpose of this fashion show was to raise money for the Ortiz Gurdian Foundation for breast cancer.  It was held last Friday,…