Leaders and members of ANS Community share experiences with Elementary students.

A number of parents, leaders in their respective fields, have recently held presentations in the Elementary School to share their experiences with students, thus complimenting their learning through real-world experiences.

As part of the ways in which the teachers incorporate real-world experience to the student’s lessons, ANS parents and leaders in their respective fields have been invited to share interesting experiences with students in the Fifth Grade. Throughout the past weeks, presenters have included leaders in the film and production industry, non-governmental organizations and in international development organizations.

image3 (2)Mr. Juan José Martinez and Mrs. Xiora Martinez have recently visited 5th grade students, as part of the lesson on persuasive writing skills. Mr. & Mrs. Martinez, directors of Nicaraguan production agency Mosaico, explained some of the techniques they use in order to persuade consumers about the product they wish to sell through their ads. The students then starred in an actual ad for Oreo cookies, which showcased the techniques Mr. & Mrs. Martinez emphasized. They explained how including slow-motion, video close-ups and correct song choice, impacted the final result of the ad. They also highlighted how inclusion of a culturally diverse student group in the ad, helped reach numerous target demographics. “It was a once in a lifetime experience. It was so cool to see all of their special equipment. The camera was like their baby”. commented Javiera Gurdian from 5C. You can see the final ad below.

Mrs. Annie Ortiz, Director of Fundación Ortiz Gurdian, also recently presented to the 5th grade class. Her presentation included information bout the work that the foundation, the leading breast cancer NGO in Nicaragua, does in the country. Students learned about breast cancer awareness and how the foundation works in order to collect funds to help and screen women with limited resources in Nicaraguan rural areas. Mariana Delgado from 5B expresses, ” I cant believe that this foundation helps so many woman around Nicaragua. I cant wait to join the pink club and help out. Congratulations to the Ortiz Family”.

The fifth grade also welcomed Mr. Markus Behrend, Representative to Nicaragua and Country Director for Costa Rica / Panama of the United Nations’ Population Fund. Mr. Behrend shared his experience of living and working in Angola as a doctor for the German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation. Students learned first-hand about how the entity works in order to raise awareness of, prevent and cure sleeping disease, which originates from a bacteria transported by tse tse flies. “ Mr. Behrend’s job is so cool!. Without people like him a lot of people would die from these diseases”, expressed Thomas Suarez (5C).

Country Director for Save the Children Nicaragua, Mrs. Mary McInerney, also visited the ANS fifth graders. She gave a presentation on the NGO’s work in Nicaragua as well as discussed child poverty with the students with the goal of raising awareness on the issue.
These are only just a few of the most recent examples in which leaders in our ANS Community come in and share their experiences with our students. We thank our ANS Parents for their involvement in their child’s learning and for sharing their invaluable experience with us.

Oreo Ad

March 26, 2015

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