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Welcome from the Elementary Principal

Welcome to Elementary

Dear Families:

Welcome to a new school year!  As a new member of the ANS community I am excited to get to know you.  I have experienced a warm welcome from parents and staff members I have met so far.  In my first weeks and months at school I plan to support, listen, and learn.  I plan to be present in the hallways and classrooms and to communicate with families regularly about school events and plans for making the elementary school an even better place for children and families.   I welcome your feedback and ideas.

I am an experienced educator.  Some might even call me mature.  I am in the midst of a long, adventurous career in teaching, learning, and leading schools.  I’ve taught grades four through twelve; I worked for eight years at the national level as a trainer and program developer for Expeditionary Learning (now EL Education); I taught for four years in Colombia, where I learned Spanish and a great respect for Latin American peoples and culture; and most recently I served as an elementary school principal for two schools in my native state of New Hampshire.  After learning about the American Nicaraguan School’s mission and core values and interviewing with Dr. Keller and several ANS staff members, I am convinced I’ve found a great match for my skills and passions as an educator.  

As an educator, I believe the elementary years are the wonder years when children open to the world of learning and experience.  Returning assistant principal Josefina Ramirez and I are committed to leading a school that fosters curiosity, respect, and creativity, a school in which children are engaged in their own learning, a school where children set and achieve ambitions goals, and a school where children feel part of a larger community committed to common values.  I believe that for elementary school children–and really for all learners–a good school unites academic, social, and emotional learning.  Learning must be both joyful and challenging.

Families are children’s first teachers and remain critical partners throughout a child’s schooling.  I hope to harness your energy, time, and ideas to make our school the best it can be.  


Douglas Kilmister
“Mr. Douglas”

Welcome from the Elementary Vice-Principal

Dear ANS Families,

I am thrilled to write to you as we begin this new 2015 – 2016 school year, a year filled with much joy and new challenges.

Seven years ago, I approached this great ANS Community as a Spanish teacher. Having been welcomed not only into the school, but also into the hearts of our community members, I continued to grow professionally, by most recently serving as the Spanish Department Coordinator. Due to this great opportunity, and to the hard work invested by my coworkers, we were able to significantly improve the learning of the Spanish language at ANS.

Today, ANS has now given me the opportunity to serve as Elementary Vice-Principal, a truly inspiring and exciting challenge. Overall, I am glad to work alongside the Elementary School’s new Principal, Ms. Susan Rodinsky, with whom I share the same vision on education and with whom I have had the pleasure to learn from through various projects we’ve collaborated in. I am sure that together we will make a great team, active in guiding the education of your children.

This year we will be implementing a curriculum that will allow our students to develop into well-rounded individuals, while meeting your expectations. Furthermore, we have a great team of teachers and professionals that will make this possible.

Each and every one of us possesses unique qualities, qualities that are necessary to foster an ideal learning environment and to motivate our students. This collaboration is a key element of being a Tiger.

Fina Ramirez
Elementary Vice Principal

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Course / Grade Teacher(s)
First Grade Mr. Kittles | Ms. Wheelock | Ms. Quandt | Ms. Genet
Second Grade Ms. Pfab | Ms. Burke | Ms. Ellis | Ms. Chávez
Third Grade Ms. Lee | Ms. Belli | Ms. Albuquerque | Ms. Jalil
Fourth Grade Ms. Nix | Ms. Rodríguez | Ms. Gracia | Ms. Fine
Fifth Grade Ms. Becker | Ms. Lacayo | Ms. Williams | Ms. Voorhees
Español Ms. Ortega | Ms. Rodríguez | Ms. Molina | Ms. Lizárraga | Mr. Alacid
Estudios Sociales Ms. Molina

Support Services

Course / Grade Teacher(s)
Support Services Team Ms. Cookie | Ms. Lucía| Ms. Amanda


Course / Grade Teacher(s)
ELL Ms. Reno
SLL Ms. Romero

Arts and Library

Course / Grade Teacher(s)
Elementary Art Ms. Fiallos
Library Site Mrs. Morice
Music Mr. Aguirre

Physical Education

Course / Grade Teacher(s)
Elementary PE Mrs. Silva, Mrs. Gaitán, Mr. Kulyk


Course / Grade Teacher(s)
Elementary Technology Ms. Guerrero

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Elementary School / ELC Parent-Student Handbook

Manual de Padres y Alumnos para Primaria y Preescolar

February 7 Parent School Presentation on Responsibility-based Discipline

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April 2017

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  • ELI Kermesse
  • AdvancED Team's Accreditation Visit
  • PEP Rally Volleyball
  • Easter Holidays
  • Secondary Spirit Week
  • Meet and Greet Volleyball Players, Gates 2 & 4
  • 6th Grade Parent Orientation Meeting
  • 9th Grade MAP Testing
  • AASCA Volleyball Tournament, Covered Athletic Area
  • ANS Boys & Girls' Volleyball Games
  • Alumni Meeting in Ossi Room
  • ELC Parent School
  • ANS Boys & Girls' Volleyball Games
  • KEISER UNIV. - ROOM: 504
  • Movie Night (Zootopia), Math Lawn in HS Building
  • Earth Day Exhibit-K.Fowler
  • Earth Day Exhibit in Ossi-K.Fowler
  • Red Cross Visit to Anatomy Students-Ossi
  • Book Fair, Library
  • Red Cross Visit to Anatomy Students-Ossi
  • Ted x Press Conference-E.Wilke
  • Poetry Festival-L.Lippay
  • Elementary : Tiger Meeting - C.A.A
  • MS Stucco - Popcorn Sale-A.Lacayo
  • TEDx [email protected] Event, Alianza Francesa
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